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Ta1ks Version 1n

A self-installing archive containing TA1KS.EXE and TA1KS.CHM. Ta1ks is a program for scheduling public meetings.

Tswin Version 10b

A self-installing archive containing TSWIN.EXE and TSWIN.CHM. TSWIN is a program for the Secretary. Compatible with Tsx Version 5.

Tsx Version 5a

(212K bytes)
Tsx is a helper program that can be used with TSWIN Version 10a. When used by FS group overseers, it may help simplify communication of reports to the secretary. Version 5a is compatible with Tswin Version 10a.

TSCARD Version 5b

(160K bytes)
 Tscard version 5b will read data from Tswin version 10 and can be used to update S-21 forms dated 11/23. 

Bug Notes

(7K bytes)
 A text file containing details of recent changes to the programs and bugs fixed.

Sample MS Word Merge Document for use with Ta1ks

If you prefer to format the schedule yourself, you can use the Export button when viewing the schedule. A tab-delimited text file containing the schedule will be produced. TalkSchedule.doc is an example of how the exported schedule can be formatted using MS Word's mailmerge.

To use it, place the TalkSchedule.doc file in your Ta1ks folder, export a schedule with Ta1ks, and open the .doc file in MS Word. You will probably want to enhance or redesign the sample to suit your preferences.

This is only an example, you can use any software you like to format the exported file.